Web site improvement [Discussion]

Hi everyone,

I feel that the quality level of the web site is not up to par compared to the hi-tech developed by the team. A good website is a necessary condition to succeed as much as the hi-tech. And I think that is a shame that a team who is providing a token built to high standards, is using a web site with a very low-quality standard.

It is necessary that the team rethink all the design of the web site by moving out toward a classical style. It must be user-friendly, simple and attractive for any age segment (White background, no more than 4 pastel colours, and so on). The site of Maker, Aave, FantomFDN are good sources of inspiration.

I really think that it is imperative that the quality level of the dApp be align-up to the one of the protocol engineering.

That remains my view and I would like to know what the community think about that.

Best regards

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Hi @darkyadoo, thanks a lot for your feedback. Can you be more precise on the pain points you’ve identified? Is it that the UI is too complex, buggy, that you don’t like the overall style or a mix of everything?

Hi @Picodes ,
Thank you for your answer. Using your App is not easy for a new user, links are duplicated which is confusing . Have a look on the thread
So all these problems I raised make the use of the UI complicated. (labyrinth)

The style must be also rethink, and I gave you some reference websites to illustrate my comments.