Angle DApp in Ledger Live

Hi, in order to reach a wider audience and bring security to Angle users, an integration in Ledger Live could be discussed. Ledger’s docs are here: Introduction | Developers
TLDR: adapt the DApp (low effort), agree on T&Cs and dev a plugin (it is in C so not as easy as DApp adaptation).
Any question, comment, let me know.


Hi Adrien, definitely worth doing, but low priority for me as walletconnect works fine to use Angle with Ledger Live

However having the tokens recognized by Ledger Live so they can be transferred without using myEtherWallet or third party solutions can be great

Also we could integrate the DApp into Gnosis, I think the process / level of efforts is similar

thank you @Picodes for your reply, maybe I was not clear enough, sorry for the that. The idea is to get Angle as an app in the Discover section in Ledger Live. Which tokens please? I can take care of that this week :slight_smile:
Thank you!

I see ! Now I understood the process DApp / plugin, thanks.

The 2 tokens for now would be:

ANGLE (18 decimals): $0.9358 | ANGLE (ANGLE) Token Tracker | Etherscan
agEUR (18 decimals): agEUR (agEUR) Token Tracker | Etherscan

These tokens are already supported from what I see on my end, are you running latest Ledger Live?

No, but I don’t find how to upgrade Ledger Live. But if it’s done it’s great !

Should there be any next step post my Idea or this is good just as Idea for now and we will revisit maybe later?
Thank you

This is good for idea! This forum is in its first days, so maybe there are better ways to suggest integrations, but on ideas seems super fine to me now!
Anyway, this is in our roadmap for the moment!

OK, let me know anything I can do more in order to get this moving! Any questions, let me know.