Next steps for Angle

Congratulations to the team for reformulating the protocol strategy.

With Transmuter launched, the RWA strategy introduced and after the launch of stEUR, what are the next steps for the protocol?
Is there any idea about resuming value distribution to veANGLE holders?
Does it make sense to keep the gauges: sanFEI_EUR, sanFRAX_EUR, sanWETH_EUR and sanUSDC_EUR in the frontend?
Will the protocol resume investment strategies?
Will SLPs cease to exist?
Will the agGOLD project be resumed?
Does it make sense to introduce frxETH and stfrxETH as protocol collaterals?

Thanks for sharing this! Sorry, I’m seeing this only just now.

Next big steps are the launch of Angle Savings Product: which for me should be the main driver for the protocol.

As for value distribution to veANGLE holders, this is still a discussion to have for later imo.

We need to remove the gauges sanFEI_EUR, sanFRAX_EUR, sanWETH_EUR and sanUSDC_EUR from the frontend. We still need to let people the ability to withdraw their funds from this.

The protocol has no investment strategy per se for the Transmuter, and the investment strategies from the Core Module is sth we could work on later on, meaning SLPs have no short term reason to exit.

The question of agGOLD is indeed a good one, while there’s much to do around agEUR still!

I don’t think that recently the addition of new collateral assets brought much to the protocol (like cbETH), and if I had to choose I’d look into increase the return over assets of the protocol so the savings solution can be made more efficient