Proposal: Partnership on CurveV2 between Angle and Reflexer

Hey everyone,

Relaying here something I have also proposed in Reflexer Finance Governance Forum to see whether the Angle Community supports it or not.

Basically the idea is to partner with Reflexer to grow a common pool on CurveV2.


So far, on Curve, Angle has mostly been focused on growing the agEUR/ibEUR pool, and the 3EUR pool. This gave a lot of traction for agEUR on Curve, but the counterpart of this is that by bribing for the 3EUR pool we helped grow the EURt and EURs, with EURt becoming even bigger than agEUR.

While stablecoins are a positive sum-game where thanks to Curve you can help other assets stabilize, it’s also important to keep in mind that in the end this is a race to integrations and that the biggest one in the beginning will probably remain the biggest ones thanks to network effects.

What we propose here is shifting a portion of the focus on the 3EUR pool to a CurveV2 pool with RAI.

RAI is a decentralized and non-pegged stablecoin backed by ETH. TVL is similar to that of Angle, volume on Curve has been quite high and it is integrated in many places in DeFi.


The idea is to push with Reflexer to grow the RAI/agEUR Curve pool together with FLX and ANGLE incentives.

Besides potential yield opportunities for RAI and agEUR holders, this factory pool would unleash several opportunities, among which:

  • it would open arbitrage opportunities as RAI and agEUR are tokens which are both linked to other tokens
  • agEUR and RAI are two assets integrated in many different places in DeFi. Opening a bridge like that through a Curve pool would allow people to seamlessly flow from one asset to another and enjoy the different things RAI and agEUR have to offer. For instance, it could also allow RAI holders to easily take advantage of agEUR’s bridging capabilities to other chains

Curious to hear everyone’s thoughts on it, we could apply to a gauge vote with it!

I would very much vote yes for this. Reflexer is an incredible protocol, strong team, and combining resources with Angle is a 1+1=3 situation.

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While I wouldn’t mind this, I’d prefer a FRAX/agEUR pool due to how much larger FRAX is, and it would open up much more agEUR minting in order to balance the pool.

True that FRAX/agEUR could make sense, but we already have a pool with FRAX with deep liquidity, so essentially opening up a new pool could fragment liquidity even more.