Partnership with MIMO and Jarvis for an incentivized Curve pool on Polygon

This is a proposal to allocate some ANGLE incentives to LPs of the ag5EUR Curve pool on Polygon (, to gain enough liquidity to be eligible to a gauge there.
We would do this in partnership with Mimo Capital which has launched a Euro stablecoin called the PAR, and Jarvis which has launched jEUR, another Euro stablecoin on Polygon.

The idea would be that each of us put $100k of incentives for a length of 3 months to get sufficient liquidity for our pool to be eligible for a Curve gauge.
The ANGLE tokens allocated to this would be taken from the planned weekly ANGLE emissions in order not to increase emissions by too much.

Jarvis proposes a design where the tokens put for incentives would remain locked in a contract for the 90 days of the duration of the program: LPs of the Curve pool would get rewarded not by MIM, JRT and ANGLE in this time, but would receive another token. This other token would then be exchangeable against the 3 reward tokens at the end of the 90 days. The idea of a system like that is to avoid the continuous sell pressure for the 90 days of the program, but concentrate it around the time where this program ends.

Open to the discussion about this proposition, I think it’s a great way to reinforce our presence on Curve and to start collaborating with two other Euro stablecoin projects of the space!


I’ll launch a Snapshot vote after collecting some community feedback about it

I’ll vote for this proposal for the following reasons:

  • it starts a collab with other stable € which I think is crucial
  • it does not costs us a lot (0.6% of the weekly LM program) and there is no dilution
  • it is an efficient way for us to keep the peg on Polygon

Though I think the priority is to build and incentivize agEUR/MATIC and agEUR/ETH pools on Polygon, these are very valid arguments. It could be beneficial for agEUR and EUR stablecoins on Polygon as a whole, while not costing ANGLE holders & the protocol much.