Angle Weekly Recap

Week December 6th - 12th

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Hey all @Angler s :wave:
Here are some news from what’s been going on this week!

Votium incentives for CVX/CRV rewards
Incentives for Convex LPs to increase CVX/CRV rewards on the 3EUR pool have passed! 15% of this week’s distribution is being allocated there to increase the gauges’ rewards. More in the message above.

Governance Token Upgrade
Code has been sent to auditors, and should be ready for January! This has been the main theme of work for the team recently, and can’t wait for the release! We announced it publicly with a few details about the new design in this article: ANGLE tokenomics upgrade is on its way 🚀 | by Angle | Dec, 2021 | Angle Protocol

Quick bridges update
Bridging is still on the to-do, and we are currently in discussion with Anyswap. Quick reminder that the direction we are moving towards is bridging the tokens (not protocol) in various layers, to be ready for potential use cases there and to quickly become a robust multi-chain EUR stablecoin :bridge_at_night:

As always, please share any thoughts you may have about anything in :fire:general or :microscope:protocol-discussions . We created a :open_book:crypto-resources channel so that people can post any crypto content they found insightful and that might help or interest others!

Cheers :raised_hands:

Week December 13th - 19th

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Hey all @Angler’s :wave:

Hope everyone is doing good here! A quick update about what’s been going on this week:

Olympus Pro bonds switch from ANGLE/agEUR LP to agEUR only
After the moderate success, a governance vote was held to decide between continuing the previously ongoing bond program, change it to buy agEUR directly instead of ANGLE/agEUR LP tokens, or stop it altogether. The decision was to keep the program going and sell ANGLE against agEUR instead! You can follow the discussion here (Olympus Pro for Angle Protocol) and in the olympus-pro channel.

CVX bribing
Angle bribed CVX holders to get rewards on the 3EUR pool. This has been a success for LPs with more than x4 multiplier on rewards, though the global effect on the protocol is still hard to evaluate. You can stake on Convex here ( and follow the discussion in the gov forum there (Convex Incentives: Analysis).

Tokenomics Upgrade
The tokenomics upgrade is going as planned with the audits well underway, and release is still planned for January :rocket~1: The veangle-upgrade channel was opened to discuss the upgrade.
You can find the latest blog article about it here: ANGLE Upgrade Series, Part 1: Introducing locked ANGLE tokens and their advantages for the protocol | by Angle | Dec, 2021 | Angle Protocol

Last but not least … Community call on Monday!
As said in the previous announcement, we’ll host our third community call on Monday 20th, at 5 PM CET (4 PM UTC)! We hope to see you there to talk about the upgrade and the future of the protocol for 2022 :anglecolor:

Also wanted to give a special shoutout to everyone involved here and in the governance forum! It’s those open discussions with everyone that shape the future of protocol, so thank you all for that, and LFG :rocket:

Week December 20th - 26th

Original message from @sogipec

Hey all @Anglers!

Doing the weekly recap a bit early this week! This is end of the year holidays for many of us! So from today and during next week many of us will be less active on this Discord and in general!
Please pardon us if we’re taking more time to reply or if problems are not solved as rapidly as they can be!

agEUR is live on Solana
agEUR is now live on Solana, thanks to the Wormhole (bridge solution used). There is a pool with agEUR available on Saber! This opens a lot of opportunities for agEUR, we’ve started our efforts to try to integrate agEUR in this ecosystem, and this will continue in 2022.
Some alpha here, agEUR and ANGLE are also live on Avalanche, nothing has been announced officially because there’s nothing you can do with it there, but this will change in 2022. Hopefully BSC and Fantom will follow up in January

Tokenomics Upgrade
The team has prepared its response to the small points raised by the auditors. Code should be completely finalized in the first week of January. In the meantime, we are actively working on the front that will let everyone vote for gauges, lock tokens, claim rewards.
We have written another article about the details of the upgrade (ANGLE Upgrade Series, Part 2: Incentives for veANGLE holders | by Angle | Dec, 2021 | Angle Protocol) and some docs about how it’s going to look like, this is still a WIP but you can take a look: veANGLE - Angle
ETA is mid-January!

CVX Bribing
Following the Snapshot vote which concluded this morning, a new set of bribes has been sent to Convex, smaller than the old one! You can see it on Votium here ( If you own vlCVX you can vote for the 3EUR pool here: Snapshot

And last, I wanted to thank everyone for being here with us trying to make the best of Angle Protocol! It’s the open discussions we’re having that best shape the future of the protocol, and we’re grateful for having super high level people involved!

It’s been hell of year with this amazing community and this was just the beginning!
:christmas_tree: On behalf of Angle Core Team, I wish you a merry Christmas if you celebrate it and also a happy 2022 year!
The roadmap is super dense for us, there’s a ton we want to achieve and we’ll only be able to do it with a strong community!

See you all around!

Week January 10th - 16th

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Hey all @Angler’s :wave:

We are happy to announce that veANGLE is now live on mainnet :boom:

veANGLE is live :lock:
To facilitate the adoption of veANGLE, we released a new app at It can be used to lock ANGLE and get veANGLE, allocate vote on gauges, claim interest distributed once they start, and stake on the new staking contracts! We also released user guides here: veANGLE/DAO App Guides - Angle, and all the info about veANGLE there: veANGLE - Angle.

The app is still under development, and you can expect to find bugs or incomplete information. If you do, feel free to share feedback in the :test_tube:app-feedback channel! A blog post will be released soon with more details about the staking migration. No need to rush as rewards for the new contracts will start on Thursday January 20th UTC.

Other news:
Bridging to Fantom :ghost:
At the same time, Angle is pursuing its journey across the multi-chain world with a new bridge for agEUR and ANGLE to Fantom! This makes both tokens now available on various chains, a big thanks to Multichain in their help for that. All the info in our docs: Multichain Angle - Angle. We hope community members can benefit from using agEUR in those lower-fees environment, and will be pushing for more use cases and integrations there :handshake:

Yearn opens a Curve 3EUR vault! :YearnGif:
Yearn recently opened their 3EUR vault! A great alternative in case you don’t want to accumulate the token rewards and prefer to sell them against more LP tokens. You can deposit your Curve 3EUR LP tokens directly on

End of agEUR single-side staking
The snapshot vote to stop the agEUR single-side staking has ended in favor of yes, so that staking agEUR-only on Angle will be discontinued and rewards will stop. The goal behind this proposal was to incentivize more productive uses of agEUR on liquidity pools, lending markets, or other chains for example, rather than just idle funds. Last week’s weights were already reduced and rebalance on other pools like agEUR-ETH and agEUR-USDC, which increased their liquidity :chart_with_upwards_trend:

Have a great weekend everyone :sun_with_face:

Week January 17th - January 23rd

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Hey all @Angler’s :wave:

Before the weekly recap, here is a quick reminder of where you can access the different features of the Angle Protocol after the recent upgrade:

You can use the DAO App at to:

  • lock ANGLE on the veANGLE page
  • vote for rewards distribution on the Gauge page
  • stake LP or san tokens for ANGLE rewards

The regular App at to:

  • mint & burn agEUR
  • open leveraged USD/EUR positions on the Perpetuals page
  • deposit collateral to earn yield with sanTokens in the Yield page

Now, a quick recap of what happened this week!

New liquidity gauges contracts
First, the beginning of rewards distribution the new staking contracts: the liquidity gauges, taking into accounts the veANGLE balance of stakers for potential boost on rewards.

Improvement of the new DAO App
With the release of these new contracts, we revamped our staking interface now accessible at Angle DAO and iterated on improvements. If you have any feedback about it, please reach out to the :test_tube:app-feedback !

Proposal for an ANGLE locker with Stake DAO
Our friends at Stake DAO have been developing an extended version of Convex locker, and want to start deploying with Angle! @Hatashi :elephant::eyes: wrote a post in the governance forum here AIP - 4: Strategic Partnership with Stake DAO - #4 by hatashi. Please take the time to think about it and share your opinion there or in the :anchor:proposals or dao-to-dao-swaps channels, as it’s key that this is implemented in a way that benefits all Angle stakeholders

Burning FRAX fees increase
See this message for more details.

This has been a busy week again for Angle, L-F-G

PS: planning on posting these weekly recap in a governance forum thread and sending the link here to follow the progress and make room for other announcements. React with if you think it’s a good idea.


Week January 24th - 30th


Hey all Anglers :wave:

Here is our weekly recap, the firs one since all the features of the veANGLE upgrade have been finalized :muscle:

Interest distribution for veANGLE holders
On January 27th, Angle Protocol distributed 50% of the interest generated by the protocol during the previous week for the first time! A little more than 162k sanUSDC_EUR have been distributed, worth $180k at the time for an APY of 349% over the first week :money_with_wings:

Stake DAO locker approved :lock:
@hatashi from Stake DAO posted a proposal last week to whitelist their protocol so they could develop an improved version of locker on top of ANGLE & veANGLE. Some details have been laid out in this post, and the community approved it! In short, it could allow liquid locking, direct retention of almost all voting power, and redistribution of profit from strategies built by Stake on top of Angle. The team is happy to see this moving forward and excited to see the impact it will have on Angle Protocol.

Next Community Call :phone:
Many things have been going on recently, and it’s been a while so we’re organizing a community call next week! Looking forward to talk about the recent upgrade and the next steps for the protocol with all of you. Mark your calendars for Thursday February 3rd at 5 PM CET :calendar: (date will be confirmed early next week).

DAO App improvements
After the release of the last features in the DAO App, we are still improving the UI/UX! If you have any feedback or feature request, please let us know in the #app-feedback channel of the Discord and we can have a chat about it!

If you still have funds staked on old contracts, remember to unstake them from the DAO App at in the deprecated section.

Have a good week everyone :sun_with_face:

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Week January 31st - February 6th


Hey all Anglers :wave:

Here is our weekly recap for this week!

Public MultiSig vote & discussion

A discussion and a vote about the composition of the upcoming Public MultiSig that will mix core team members and people from the community is currently going on. The goal is to further decentralize the enforcement of decisions voted by veANGLE holders.
The governance proposal & discussion is here, and the vote there.

This is a very important step for the protocol, so please make sure that you read this carefully, express your opinion, and vote accordingly! :ballot_box:

veANGLE delegation

:warning: Will be implemented in votes next week :warning:
Keeping up to date with what’s going on in the protocol and making informed decisions for veANGLE holders can be a challenge. This is why you can now delegate your veANGLE voting power to others that feel more aware to participate in governance and influence the decisions in one way or another.

Information about delegation can be found here, and we invite people that would like to receive delegated voting power to express themselves in the :microscope: protocol-discussions or :anchor: proposals channels.

Stake DAO locker “ETA

Many people are waiting for Stake DAO to open their locker on top of Angle. We had the pleasure to welcome part of their team on our AMA yesterday to summarize its features. They couldn’t share any specific date, but it seemed like the locker could be ready in “at least a few weeks” … We can probably hope to have it around March!

Pushing for agEUR adoption :euro: :handshake:

Now that the veANGLE upgrade is live, the main challenge for us as a community is to push the adoption of agEUR forward. This means pushing for liquidity and new pools, having integrations with new protocols, and opening new use cases for agEUR. If you have any idea about potential integrations that could happen, feel free to share them in the Discord to start discussions and help move things forward!

Angle Content Contest

Next week we will announce a content contest about the protocol, rewarding the best content explaining any aspect of the protocol! The goals is to raise awareness about the protocol outside of our community :rocket:
More info on that next week!

Have a great weekend everyone :sun_with_face:


Week February 7th - 13th


Hey all Anglers :wave: Here is our weekly recap for this week!

Angle Content Contest :artist:

This Monday we launched the Angle Content Contest! The goal is to try to produce any type of content around Angle to explain one or multiple aspects about the protocol. Having great submissions will spread awareness around the protocol and help bring more people to it! :eyes: There are a few prizes of 1000 ANGLE each, so don’t hesitate to submit something, we’ve had a few good submissions already! You can find all the details here.

agEUR/RAI Curve pool with Reflexer

@sogipec started a discussion to talk about a potential CurveV2 pool with RAI here, the decentralized non-pegged stablecoin from Reflexer. This could be a very interesting development and opportunity for agEUR. As always, all opinions are welcomed!

Pangolin agEUR/AVAX pool incentives

As many are aware, there has been a mistake with the rate of rewards distribution performed by the Pangolin team on the agEUR/AVAX pool. As a consequence, the rewards were distributed twice as fast as we agreed, and the last people to claim found themselves empty handed. We are obviously very sorry about the situation, and are trying to work with them to resolve the situation now that the issue has been clarified.

Voting for FRAX/agEUR incentives through LOBI

LOBI holders can vote for the Frax FRAX/agEUR gauge on LOBI so that Lobis vote to distribute more FXS reward to the FRAX/agEUR Gauge!

AMA with EPNS - Ethereum Push Notification Service

We’ve had a written AMA on our Discord with EPNS this Thursday, where Jaf delivered many insights about their products and its capabilities. You can check it out in this thread.

Clarifying the veANGLE APR

There has been a lot of discussions this week around veANGLE APR, so we wanted to clarify a few things.

Angle Protocol distributes a share (currently 50%) of the interest it generates to veANGLE holders, in the form of sanUSDC_EUR tokens. These interest depend on the APY that the protocol can earn, and the amount of funds invested.
Due to a lack of data history, the APR figures displayed during the first week only reflected the first distribution which was especially high. Now that two more weeks have passed and more people have locked, the APR has stabilized. We are now working on implementing other strategies that would bring more yield to the protocol.

Feel free to ask question about the Content Contest in the #design channel on Discord!

See you next week, have a great weekend everyone :hugs:


Week February 14th - 20th


Hey all @Angler’s :wave: Time for our weekly recap!

Here is what’s been going on this week within Angle :point_down:

Listing Proposal for agEUR on Aave :ghost: V3 (Polygon)
As you can see on the post above, a proposal has been posted and is being supported by people to list agEUR on Aave V3 at launch! This would increase a lot the credibility of the agEUR, and strengthen its spot as a top EUR stablecoin.

1inch integration
1inch team has been quick to integrate both agEUR & ANGLE on their UI! You can now trade both tokens here: 1inch - DeFi / DEX aggregator on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Optimism, Polygon, Arbitrum

Whitelist FEI protocol to lock veANGLE
Eswak from FEI has posted a proposal on the governance forum to whitelist FEI protocol to lock ANGLE into veANGLE. As he explains there, they have provided useful liquidity in the protocol, and are Angle supporters. Discussion here: AIP - X: Continue TribeDAO (Fei Protocol) partnership

Angle Content Contest :paintbrush:
We have received a few submissions already, but the 3 x 1000 ANGLE prizes remain within reach! Take out your best design or content writing skills, and start creating something explaining some aspects of the protocol to get those :anglecolor:

Have a good weekend @everyone ! :sunny:

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Week February 21st - 27th


Hey all @Angler’s :wave: Time for our weekly recap!

Here is what’s been going on this week within Angle :point_down:

Proposal to add agEUR to Aave V3 on Polygon has been approved :muscle:

agEUR will be added to Aave once their V3 starts rolling out in the coming days/weeks. This is a huge step for agEUR, which will hopefully help to get it listed on Aave on Mainnet.
Snapshot voteGovernance Post with details

Router contract

As detailed in this post, we are getting ready to deploy a router contract to improve interactions within the protocol. We are currently in the process of implementing some of the features it allows on the Main and DAO apps. If everything goes according to plan, we should be able to release it by the end of next week!

Angle Content Contest :paintbrush:

Last call for all the content producers out here! Whether you are a designer, a writer, or a video producer, you can submit any content explaining some aspect of the Angle Protocol :teacher: More details in this blog post.

What’s next

We want to start sharing what we have in mind for the future of the protocol in the next few months.
After the router is deployed, there are two main topics we have in mind that we think we should focus on with the community.

1 - Adding ETH as native collateral on Angle

ETA: Around end of March
If ETH is deployed as collateral, users could mint agEUR from ETH directly without swap, long perpetuals on ETH/EUR exchange rate, and deposit ETH in the protocol to earn yield.
This would be the first volatile token to be backing agEUR, which would mark a step forward in the robustness of the protocol. We also believe that many users could be attracted to Angle by the ability to long ETH without funding rate.

2 - Deploying a new debt-based minting module for agEUR

ETA: Around end of May
Similarly to what Maker does with DAI, we could add a module allowing users to mint agEUR from tokens deposited as collateral. Combined with the current system, we believe this could help expand agEUR both on mainnet and on other chains / layers.

We are eager to discuss these different topics with you all

Have a good weekend @everyone ! :sunny:

Week February 28th - March 6th


Hey all @Angler’s :wave: Time for our weekly recap!

Here is what’s been going on this week within Angle :point_down:

Roadmap Announcement for the next few months :mount_fuji:

We started talking about the next milestones for Angle, and they are now public! We published a blog post yesterday, laying down the roadmap for the next 4 to 6 months and beyond! Make sure to read it and share it to everyone that could be interested :speaking_head:
Once again, please share your thoughts about the different improvements in the related forum discussions or discord channels.

Angle Content Contest :paintbrush:

The winners have finally been announced! You can check all the details in this message. Thanks again to everyone participating, and feel free to share the content you find interesting on socials!

Switching bribes from 3EUR to agEUR/ibEUR

Each week some ANGLE rewards are put aside to be distributed as bribe to CVX holders. Until now, we were distributing everything to the 3EUR pool, but we are now proposing to switch progressively to the agEUR/ibEUR pool. Follow the discussion here and in the discord channel!

Router contract

Unfortunately, the release of the router has had some delay but is still in progress! We will let you know as soon as it can be deployed.

Enjoy your weekend @everyone ! :sunny:

Week March 7th - March 13th


Hey all @Angler’s :wave: Time for our weekly recap!

Here is what’s been going on this week within Angle :point_down:

Nexus Mutual :turtle: opens cover on Angle smart contracts

A very big step for the protocol, opening the doors of the protocol to new investors and demonstrating trust in the robustness of the contracts by Nexus policy writers. NXM stakers welcomed Angle, and more than $9M in cover has been opened, at the lowest cost possible! Cover can be bought from their app here.

ETH as native collateral

As we talked about recently, one of the big next milestone of Angle is the addition of ETH as native collateral to mint agEUR and open long ETH/EUR positions to cover the protocol. This has many implications for the protocol and its users, and everyone’s opinions and thoughts are welcomed to make sure we do this in the safest way possible. Discussion happening here and on Discord in the #eth-collateral channel.

Pausing ANGLE sales through Olympus Pro

Since the beginning this week, we stopped replenishing ANGLE to be sold through Olympus Pro, as we had accumulated some agEUR in reserve and didn’t want to increase the sell pressure on the token.

Angle Future Roadmap

If you had missed it, we published a roadmap article last week, where you can find everything we are thinking about for the future of the protocol :eyes: :rocket: Feel free to share your thoughts about that on Discord or on this forum!

Enjoy your weekend @everyone ! :sunny:

Week March 14th - March 20th


Hey @Angler’s :wave: This has been a busy week for Angle! Here is what’s been going on :point_down:

Angle Router release!

After a few weeks of testing, the Angle router contract has been deployed on mainnet and some features have been implemented in both Angle apps at and!

It enables some cool features like Claim ANGLE and lock, or Claim sanUSDC_EUR interest and stake. You can find a link to the blog post detailing all the features in this tweet.

The next set of features, mint, deposit, and open perp from any token, will allow users to come into the protocol with potentially any token! The router will then swap those against one of the accepted collateral before using them in the protocol.

agEUR on Aave V3 polygon

Aave released their V3 on multiple networks, and added $agEUR to their Polygon market! Users can now deposit and borrow agEUR from Aave V3 on Polygon, and use it anywhere they want.

Follow this guide to check out how to bridge between ETH Mainnet and Polygon:

This is a big step for agEUR, and shows that trust around the stablecoin is starting to build up :building_construction:

Strategy update

Earlier this week, we updated our GenericCompound strategy contract. The reason was that the old contract version was using Uniswap V3 to swap COMP rewards, but liquidity in the pool moved out of the range so that the strategies couldn’t swap rewards anymore. To fix this, we updated the contract so that it uses 1inch instead of Uniswap. As always, you can find all the deployed contracts addresses in the Angle SDK.

Next milestones for Angle :rocket:

The router release is the start of a busy roadmap for Angle in the next few months. As always, the goal remains to push for $agEUR adoption, while developing the protocol so that it can support multiple stablecoins in a decentralized and robust way. Next milestones include:

Have a nice weekend @everyone ! :handshake: :sunrise_over_mountains:

Week March 21st - March 27th


Hey @Angler’s :wave: This has been a busy week for Angle! Here is what’s been going on :point_down:

Stake DAO liquid locker :elephant:

Stake DAO released their locker for ANGLE! ANGLE holders can now stake their tokens on their platform to get sdANGLE as well as veANGLE. They also seeded an sdANGLE/ANGLE Curve pool to help users get in & out, though liquidity is still low at the moment. Note that sdANGLE pays interest in agEUR + additional SDT instead of Angle native sanUSDC_EUR, and the voting power on ANGLE distribution should be released in the following weeks. More info on their Discord

To lock ANGLE into Stake DAO’s sdANGLE :point_right:

New Borrowing Module whitepaper

As detailed in our Roadmap blog post and in an ongoing governance discussion, Angle has been working on a new Borrowing Module! We published the whitepaper this week, laying out publicly the main features and logic behind this upgrade. You’ll find everything here :point_right:
Feel free to like & retweet to share the news!

Pushing for incentives on agEUR pools instead of sanTokens

The two main goals of ANGLE incentives are to make sure the protocol is properly hedge by Hedging Agents and over-collateralized by SLPs, and to incentive agEUR liquidity across DeFi to push its adoption. Currently, the quantity of SLPs in the protocol is very high and we think putting more votes towards incentivizing agEUR LPs would have more value for the stablecoin and protocol as a whole.

New AMO discussion for agEUR on lending markets

A new governance discussion has been opened concerning letting people borrow agEUR directly from lending markets like Euler or Aave. This would help grow agEUR liquidity further, lower cost for borrowers, and give yield to the protocol.
More information here:

Have a nice weekend @everyone ! :handshake: :sunrise_over_mountains:

Week March 28th - April 3rd


Hey @Angler’s :wave: This has been a busy week for Angle again! Here is what happened :point_down:

Buy ANGLE with lower slippage :triangular_ruler:

After the release of the Angle Router contract, now is the time to present the Buy ANGLE feature!

Anyone wanting to buy ANGLE had to go through the agEUR/ANGLE pool to not suffer a too high slippage. Thanks to our tokens integration with 1inch, we have built a place for users to benefit from the lower slippage route by using the 1inch API in the background! Users can now buy ANGLE from a pre-defined set of tokens at

Note that even these more liquid pools can have a significant slippage depending on the amount swapped. Make sure to check the execution price and minimum output amount before swapping.

agEUR supplied on Polygon

One way to grow the usage of stablecoins is to mint them from the protocol and supply them directly to lending markets such as Aave and Euler, so that users can borrow at a very low cost. This has been voted this week by veANGLE holders, and 1M agEUR have been minted and deposited into Aave V3 on Polygon, lowering the borrowing rate to ~ 0.2%!

If you want to borrow agEUR on Polygon :point_right:

Migrating agEUR UniV3 liquidity to lower fees :unicorn:

As detailed in this proposal, we are planning on opening a vote to lower the fees on UniV3 agEUR pools from 0.05% to 0.01% on agEUR/USDC, and from 0.3% to 0.05% on agEUR/ETH. We would be operating the migration for users providing liquidity through G-UNI tokens and staking on Angle so that they wouldn’t have to do anything.

This will allow agEUR to be much cheaper to trade with, making it more convenient for everyone using the token. Keep an eye out for the vote that should go live next week!

New Borrowing Module Audit

Code of the new Borrowing module has been frozen and is now in the hands of the auditors! If you don’t know what it is about yet, you can check out this governance discussion, or share messages in the #borrowing-module channel on Discord.

As you can see, the protocol is currently undergoing a lot of upgrades and improvements, so make sure you follow the latest news in the forum :slight_smile:
Have a nice weekend @everyone ! :sun_with_face:

Week April 4th - April 10th


Hey @Angler’s :wave: Another big week for Angle! Here is what has been going on in the protocol :point_down:

Angle new folding strategy: increased yield on USDC :chart_with_upwards_trend:

Angle new folding strategy features an improved way to optimize the position size, increasing the strategy’s return. The strategy has been deployed today, and is the outcome of weeks of research and implementation work! It is likely the best protocol folding strategy out there currently :boom: Read more in our announcement

Angle Router: Mint from any token feature is out! :repeat:

After the release of the first Angle Router contract features, users can now mint agEUR with any token!

Only a few tokens are included in, but any can be used when interacting with the contract.

This improves further the accessibility of Angle Protocol, and is another step towards widening its user base!

Analyzing ANGLE incentives distribution

As some of you have noticed, there is a constant selling pressure on ANGLE due to the high ANGLE emissions. To remediate this, we want to try and calibrate rewards to 1) stakeholders most useful to the protocol, and 2) the ones dumping their rewards the least.

To find out more information about those, we have built this dashboard:

We will keep investigating, and see what actions we can take to limit the negative side-effects of ANGLE emissions! You can shere your thoughts in the #protocol-discussions channel.

agEUR Liquidity migration

Some agEUR pools’ liquidity is planned to be migrated to lower fees tier pools, to make it cheaper for agEUR users to transact with the stablecoin. You can keep track of this in this Discord channel.

Angle is moving fast, make sure to keep track of what’s going on in this forum, on Discord, on Twitter, and on Snapshot!
Have a nice weekend @everyone ! :sun_with_face:

Week April 10th - April 17th


Hello all @Angler’s! We hope you’re all fine. Here is what happened around the Angle this week :point_down:

ANGLE rewards distribution analysis :mag:

After last week’s analysis that helped us notice how rewards were being sold, allocation for Convex bribes and USDC Perps have been reduced. We will push this analysis further to try to manage the rewards distribution more efficiently and distribute as little as possible to sellers while ensuring the sustainability of the protocol! To help us find out who incentivizes which gauges and how rewards can be better calibrated, I created another Dune dashboard giving more information on votes: Angle Gauges votes.

One idea that has been evoked is to replace ANGLE distributed to Perps with interest generated by the protocol. This is not to be expected in the near future, but could be an interesting option that we will explore!

ETH as native collateral

We are getting ready to activate discussion about accepting ETH as collateral in the Core module. You can find all the details about the discussion in this governance discussion, where we will post the deployment parameters next week.

Folding Strategy on USDC :chart_with_upwards_trend:

Last week we deployed our new folding strategy on USDC with a 10% debt ratio. Everything has been working as expected, and we are getting ready to increase the funds allocated to the strategy in the following weeks.

Strategy address: 0x1f847fd5e08fb559a69280a14e7e904e6dbff81f

agEUR Liquidity migration

All votes for liquidity migration of Uniswap pools to new fee tiers have passed, and it will take place over the following weeks. If you have funds on the pools, they will be migrated through our contracts and you don’t have to do anything.

As always, make sure to take part in all the discussion in Discord, on Twitter, and on Snapshot!
Have a nice weekend @everyone ! :sun_with_face:

Week April 18th - April 24th


Hello all @Angler’s! We hope you’re all fine. Here is what happened around the Angle this week :point_down:

Vote to add a gauge to the sdTokens Curve pools

Stake DAO lockers have launched a few weeks ago, and they have just added their meta-governance feature recently. This will be very helpful for ANGLE and veANGLE adoption, and should help attract new users to the protocol. They have just pushed a vote to add a gauge for sdTokens pools on Curve. Having rewards should make the pools more liquid, and sdANGLE more attractive for users!
Link here :point_right: Proposal to add sdTokens tokens pools to the gauge controller - Gauge Proposals - Governance

ETH as native collateral

Everything is now ready to add ETH as native collateral on Angle Core module! You can find the latest details in the governance discussion here:
This is a big step for the protocol, opening it to new use cases but also other risks.

Liquidity migration :white_check_mark:

Liquidity migration for Uni V3 agEUR/USDC and agEUR/ETH pools was successful! Users can now trade in & out those pools with only 0.01 and 0.05% fees respectively. Next week, Quickswap agEUR/USDC incentives will move to a similar Uniswap pool with lower fee tiers to start pushing people to switch their liquidity.

Audit in progress and going great :mag:

Audit is still underway and everything has been going well so far. Fellow auditors haven’t found any critical issue so far, and the audit should resolve in time! Angle Borrowing module is coming :triangular_ruler: :chart_with_upwards_trend:

AMO starting to generate revenue

The funds deployed through AMOs on Aave V3 (Polygon) and Euler (Mainnet) have started generated revenue for the protocol.

On another note, we are working on a profound re-design of the Angle apps look and feel. You should hear more about it around May, so keep an eye out on Angle :eyes:

And as always, make sure to join the Discord, Twitter, and participate on Snapshot!
Have a nice weekend @everyone ! :sun_with_face:

Week April 25th - May 1st


Hey all @Angler’s :wave:

A lot of things have been happening again this week! Here’s a quick summary :point_down:

ETH added as native collateral in Angle :eth:

Finally, ETH is here as collateral in Angle Core module. This means that users can mint agEUR directly from ETH, deposit ETH to earn yield on top of strategies, and open leverage long ETH/EUR positions if there is capacity!
Complete summary in this tweet :point_right:

Liquidity as a service with agEUR and PAL through Ondo :droplet:

There is currently a proposal being voted on to provide liquidity as a service through agEUR. This is a new type of AMO that is different than the lending market, with new risk and implications.
Governance discussion: Liquidity as a Service Partnership with Paladin
Snapshot vote: Snapshot

On & off-ramp integration for agEUR with Mt Pelerin ↔️

Mt Pelerin now allows agEUR users to come in & out directly from their bank account! This reduces friction for agEUR once again, and is another boost for adoption of the stablecoin in the long-run. Request + Mt Pelerin allows for a new use case: DAOs can pay their contributor in agEUR from any token, and the contributors can off-ramp agEUR directly to their bank account! :handshake:

Chainlink agEUR/USD oracle feed on Polygon :chart:

Chainlink added a new oracle feed involving agEUR! This is a very good step, and is making us even closer to an much needed feed on Ethereum mainnet.

Things will get sporty in the next few weeks, so make sure you’re around and keeping track of what’s going on in the Angle space :eyes: :rocket:

Have a good weekend @everyone :sunglasses:

Week April 25th - May 1st


Hey all @Angler’s :wave:

Here’s a quick summary of what happened this week in Angle :point_down:

Curve gauge approved for sdANGLE

Gauges for sdANGLE/ANGLE and other sdTokens pools were approved this week! This is a big news for Angle and the Stake DAO lockers in general, as this will bootstrap the first CRV incentives for the pool which should finally start increasing sdANGLE liquidity :chart_with_upwards_trend:
If you have veCRV or sdCRV, make sure to vote for this gauge so it receives as much CRV incentives as possible!

agEUR liquidity as a service for PAL

The vote for agEUR liquidity as a service got approved this week, and liquidity in the agEUR-PAL pool should be deployed in the coming days.
If you haven’t followed this, you can find the gov post explaining liquidity as a service with Ondo here, and the proposal with Paladin there.

Switch Convex bribes to more efficient incentives

Bribing on Convex is expensive for the protocol, and we are currently looking for better alternatives to get veCRV voting power. There are multiple options available, including buying veCRV directly on other bribing platforms, or directly buying sdCRV to profit from the protocol veSDT boost. A discussion was started to talk about those options and see which one the protocol should pursue.

New agEUR use cases

Thanks to our recent integration with Mt Pelerin, agEUR users can now use the token as an off-ramp currency. It allows them to send funds from crypto directly as EUR in their bank account through Mt Pelerin. They can even use Request to create a EUR invoice to be paid with agEUR. All the flow to get paid with agEUR in a compliant way is explained here.
agEUR can also be used by companies as an alternative treasury asset to USD stablecoins, with yield opportunities and interesting integrations.

As always, keep track of what’s going on in Angle as things are moving fast :zap: :eyes:

Have a good weekend @everyone :sun_with_face: