Partnership with Jarvis on Curve on Polygon

Hello everyone,

This is a proposal to launch a new incentive program on Curve on Polygon with Jarvis’ jEUR.


The idea is to invest $29.25k of ANGLE for 60 days while Jarvis invests $29.25k of JRT for 60 days to get $1M of liquidity in our agEUR/jEUR Curve pool on Polygon with a 30% APR.

With AaveV3 efficiency mode, and with the Borrowing module which will be deployable on Polygon, it’s a good time to start increasing liquidity on Curve. Besides, the protocol has no direct stability module and it needs this Curve liquidity with a stable asset like jEUR to sustain agEUR peg there.


At the Core Team, we control 5% of the weekly ANGLE emissions to allocate it in such programs.
You can check out how all these tokens are invested in this file. So far, no all the tokens are currently used by the Core Team, and we could tap into this allocation to sponsor the program.

There is no need for a vote to launch this program on our side. But if there is a strong discussion around this proposal we will leave it to a vote.

On the Jarvis side, this proposal has already been voted.