Angle Liquidity Mining Week 3

Each week an amount of tokens is to be distributed to participants in the Angle Protocol. Next week (from this Wednesday to next Wednesday), 3,058,759.35 ANGLE tokens will be distributed (Angle Liquidity Mining Program - Google Sheets ).
This is maybe the last time we’re doing this way (in the future we’ll most likely use a system using Snapshot votes to allocate voting power), the Core Team proposes the following distribution:

  • 55% agEUR → slowly decreasing rewards, we could stabilize around that in the future, agEUR are more useful in pools than staked in our smart contracts
  • 11% sanUSDC_EUR → same as last week
  • 9% sanDAI_EUR → same as last week
  • 2% HA_DAI → we’re getting more and more exposed to the USD/EUR change risk, it is therefore crucial to attract more HAs
  • 2% HA_USDC
  • 7% Sushi ANGLE/agEUR → This pool did not work so well, but we’ll use it for Olympus Pro so we may see a bit more momentum there
  • 9% G-Uni agEUR/USDC → worked well, we propose to keep it as is
  • 2% FEI/agEUR → as part of the program using FEI as a collateral for agEUR, we propose to incentivize the pool with ANGLE rewards. As a counterpart, FEI could invest a big amount of capital in the protocol to increase our TVL
  • 3% Curve agEUR/sEUR → the idea with this to get some initial liquidity in the pool to gain some credibility when we’ll apply for the gauge (I hope next week) and then hopefully start getting CRV rewards

As always, this is changeable so looking forward to hearing thoughts/feedback from the community

  • Happy with the curve pool rewards! I might just throw something in.
  • Reducing Sushi’s Angle/agEUR pool rewards I don’t quite understand: the pool remains small because risks of buying in don’t necessarily outweigh the rewards. Therefore, won’t reducing rewards make the pool even less attractive and thus less successful? However, if the size is sufficient as is then a reduction is without consequence.
  • At the moment HA with a small x20 leverage receive around 450% APR (juicy!), this will be doubled to 900%? This makes me think a lack of HA’s is not due to a lack of incentives…
  • I think for Curve following feedback from their team we’ll go with a agEUR/EURs/EURt pool
  • Hearing your thoughts for the Sushi pool, we feel that reducing by an amount this small won’t make that much of a difference, and that the size of the pool is sufficient
  • True for HAs, we’re having the same thought, we think that we need to improve the UX more than anything, we’re experimenting this week with higher rewards, and more communication around that

Ah a different pool! Could you create the Curve pool in advance to the start of the weekly rewards?

yep ! It’s already deployed under the name 3eurpool