Add new currency

How about adding Vietnamese dong? This currency has been quite stable for many years. In addition, the number of participants in the crypto market in this country is off the charts.

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Great suggestion! Let’s put it in our roadmap!

Anything pegged to Euro should be easy to implement (or USD once its deployed). Guessing liquidity could efficiently be distributed amongs pegged currencies aswell - but maybe best to focus on currencies with high demand.

I think there is a market in the Australian dollar. Currently about 17% of population own Crypto and there’s no representing stable coin as of yet. So far the regulatory landscape has been quite welcoming, stable and strong currency. Australia is close to a cashless society and the reserve bank is investigating potential future CBDC. Meaning there’s definitely potential adoption for a decentralized variant.

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Hey @Axiomatix , that’s an interesting, we hadn’t really thought about AUD before. We’ll see how it can make its case and if others push for it!

Is there visibility of the roadmap for users?

It would be great if there was a similar process outlined to what maker has for adding in collatoral.

Adding more currencies should be one of the top features of ANGLE I believe. Making use of Terra’s synthetic currencies will be a good way to add variations to the different currencies available. Perhaps @sogipec can take a look at this? An integration with Terra will be really awesome.

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Let me take a look! This could be interesting