Roadmap discussion - agGBP agCHF agJPY

We all know how fast DeFi developed in 2021, with this in mind i would like to propose a roadmap acceleration, agEUR is showing it’s ability to maintain its peg with EUR.

Since the mission isn’t only EUR focused i propose to accelerate the product delivery by deploying 3 new stable coins which i think are fundamental for user base growth.

Those stablecoins are: agGBP, agCHF and agJPY. I’m thinking about 3 stables so the protocol could begin experimenting with curve’s tricrypto smart contract without affecting agEUR stability.

Partneships are good for bringing liquidity but i think the main focus should be around the product itself, liquidity will come with time.

Before a voting round i’d suggest to clarify with the community how the ANGLE rewards shall be distributed.

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Thanks for this great idea! agGBP, agCHF and agJPY should obviously follow on the roadmap.

I am however having doubt the need to do it now. It’s true that we should focus on the product and that liquidity will follow.
But I think that the protocol still has some areas of vulnerabilities which could be improved. For instance, before confidently launching new stablecoins, we need more experience with attracting hedging agents for Forex markets, demand for USD/EUR is quite low, and because of that the protocol is still exposed to some small forex risk.

Also, we are working on a new minting module that would allow people to borrow agEUR from collateral like ETH and so → this could allow the protocol to take less risk, and it is a way to focus on the product as we could leverage this for other stablecoins (GBP, JPY, CHF, even non-inflationary feed)

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