Encourage agEUR as a funding currency for Dao loans


It’s probably not for the immediate short term but as and when agEUR gains traction it could become a funding currency for DAOs that have cashflow coming in from users/customers in the/a Euro zone (EU + CFA etc).

I’m making a lot of heroic assumptions with that statement, I know.

Would / could DAO income for example be denominated in agEUR or something else correlated to the Eur so as to avoid a mismatch? Why not? Maybe there are some big players out there that want to encourage a Euro sc as a means of payment.

I’m in two Discord groups that are looking at launching un/low collateralized loans for DAOs. There are probably many others but the two that I’m in are Debt Dao and Porter Finance. Debt Dao is looking more at a receivables play whilst Porter is looking at developing a bond market and AMM. Also obviously there’s Maple out there already which has gained traction.

Just an idea for the backburner. Clearly a lot more thinking would be required.


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Thanks for the great idea! And that’s the reason why we have partnered with Superfluid to be able to allow streamable payments in Euro.