Value distribution to $ANGLE holders

Some points on this topic:

  1. At the moment there is no useful mechanics in progress and the VE system used has no coherence or usefulness for the protocol. Having said that, in my opinion, a discussion should be started about changing the VE mechanism to a simpler and more efficient one. Only after this change is it possible to think about revenue distribution.
  2. I understand that this is an issue to address in the future, as the priority is the implementation of the new RWA strategy and the expansion of the protocol, particularly through the integration of stEUR on the relevant platforms in terms of liquidity or in terms of online integrations. /offramp such as Gnosis Chain or others that may arise.
  3. I also think that the necessary changes to the current system are extensive (in my opinion) and, consequently, should be carried out at a time when the necessary resources for their implementation exist.
  4. For the reason described above, I also understand that it is useful to launch new ideas about the future usefulness of the ANGLE token in order to encourage, in due time and in advance, the necessary discussion on this topic, since the token has lost any usefulness, a factor that is inappropriate to the quality of this protocol.
  5. For me, the future involves deactivating the Voter Escrowed (veANGLE) model and implementing a different, simpler mechanic, which I would call, for example: stANGLE (staked ANGLE).
  6. The new mechanic would consist of assuming stANGLE as a token that always represents a 1:1 relationship with the amount of ANGLE staked by a given user.
  7. The construction of the stANGLE system must be modular so that the token can be used for governance of the protocol, receive a percentage of the value created by the protocol or boost yield in possible future investment strategies (all proportional to the balance of stANGLE of each user).
  8. The value created by the protocol must be distributed to stANGLE balance holders as a means of direct participation in the success of the protocol and as a means of promoting protocol governance collaboration.
  9. I also argue that a percentage of the protocol fees should be used in the future to acquire and burn tokens, such as a stock buyback, Why? This is the way to distribute value to all holders of the $ANGLE token, regardless of the blockchain they hold it on.
  10. Can the eventual distribution of value to stANGLE holders be made in stEUR?
  11. What is the possibility that protocol governance can be carried out on the Ethereum Mainnet and also on an L2 (as with the Synthetix protocol)? Creating conditions for the democratization of onchain governance?

Thanks for sharing all this! Definitely some good points!
Let us start thinking more thoroughly about this

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