Social activity and work with the project community

I think you perfectly understand that in modern realities it is not the number of community members that is important, but their quality. Therefore, I propose to turn discord not only into a place for discussing project news, but also into a place where users can have an interesting time. To do this, you can hold weekly events. For example, a quiz on the knowledge of a project mechanic. Or just abstract events on the topic of knowledge of works of art. I am ready to take on the organization and conduct of such events.

In addition, Twitter promotion is extremely important. To do this, you need to start the process of generating high-quality content by the community members themselves. We can periodically hold photo and meme events. But not like everyone else is doing, but more original ones. For example, a meme contest. But not just mindlessly creating useless memes. It could be a movie meme contest. That is, the user takes a frame from his favorite movie and makes a meme that would retain its meaning within the movie. At the same time, it was about the project. These contests are more complex, so fewer people will participate. But the quality of the content and the benefits will be higher.

You can also hold photo contests with the project’s merchandise. And much more. I can take over the writing of the script and the mechanics of each competition. My ID is Bubonik# 0195. Discord. I have a lot of ideas on the topic of increasing social activity and community involvement in the life of the project. In several areas: discord, twitter, YouTube.


Wow, that’s a really great idea! And sorry we have not been super active there so far, will definitely push for it in the coming weeks!
Currently working on a project of quizz on the knowledge of the project!

Will contact you as we are having more ideas!

Hello) Cool. If you need my help - just write me.
Discord Bubonik # 0195 I’m still drawing stickers and posting them in the Design brunch

чт, 14 окт. 2021 г. в 15:23, sogipec via Angle Community <>:

Very cool!
Unexpectedly, so many interesting things can be done.


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We could set up launch discord channels for next weeks mainnet, seperate the discussion for say swaps, perpetuals and staking. also maybe specifically for the launch we could have one with concern/issues - good way to quickly pinpoint any initial problems.