Framework for AIP - Angle Improvement Proposals

This is a work in progress. We welcome everyone’s feedback to make both creating and reading proposals as smooth as possible.

Why writing a proposal?

Angle aims to have a decentralized governance. This means reaching a point where different stakeholders are able to discuss, propose, and even implement improvements to be made to the protocol, while staying aligned with the broader community.

This is a long-term goal. The first step toward this is transparency. Everyone concerned by Angle’s future and its governance needs to be able to understand how specific proposals affect the protocol. This ranges from potential changes to the code, to partnerships with other DAOs that could have an impact on Angle or its stablecoins.

With that in mind, here is a framework for anyone looking to write an Angle Improvement Proposal, or AIP.

How to write a proposal?

A proposal needs to be posted in the governance forum at least 3 days before the beginning of the vote, and shared on the Angle Discord. The vote must then have a duration of at least 5 days.


  • Proposal name
    Must include the related protocol names if any, and be similar on the governance forum and on Snapshot. Naming example: AIP - X: Name of the proposal
  • Basic description, including a brief introduction of the related protocol(s) if any
  • Relevant metrics if applicable
  • Risk and implications for the Angle, its stablecoins, and the DAO
  • Added value to Angle and its users
  • Implementation requirements
    Are any implementation steps required from the Core team? Do Angle users need to do anything? Link to any technical details or contracts.

Vote details:

  • Duration, should be > 5 days
  • Voting mechanism, should be weighted voting
  • Start date
  • End date

Include a poll at the end of the governance forum post if possible.

We hope this will help all future community members looking to contribute to Angle governance! If you have any question or ideas to improve this framework let us know in this post.

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