Angle Earnings / TVL


I am interested in understanding which are the biggest liquidity contributors that allow this result to be obtained. Internal liquidity (SLP) or external liquidity?


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This computation is the earnings (revenue) of the protocol for the last 12 months, divided by an average of the monthly TVL figure over the past 12 months.

Here are the figures we used:

Do you mean “biggest liquidity contributors” in terms of earnings (revenue) contribution or TVL contribution?

Hi, @tuta,

Thank you for your reply and I apologize for my delay.
My question was about TVL contribution.


You can see this in the analytics for each collateral under the “Core” tab: Angle Analytics

The “Users” label is what is coming from minting agEUR.

Example for USDC:

Hi @tuta ,

Many thanks for the reply. I didn’t know how to get this information, now I know.

Keep the good work.

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Hello Tuta

Thank you for sharing this info.

Is the breakdown of income available for the protocol?

Are you also publishing any cost data also so that an external could get an idea about profitability?

The reason I ask is that we (Debt DAO) are tracking any on-chain entities that are generating income that could eventually service debt.

In the case of a stablecoin issuer, it’s more likely of course to be a lender than a borrower but these analytics are of interest to us anyway.

We are pre-launch still but post audit and almost at completion of our dApp for Trustless Secured Lending (secured by our Spigot innovation). If you guys wanted an update after a while just lmk.

(still hodling my Angle…)


Hey @BobZF , good to see you around.

The income breakdown is available in the analytics:

Let me know if you need the specific code to reconstruct these.

We haven’t published anything about our cost data yet. Are you thinking about something similar to what Token Terminal published recently?

Also not sure Angle would need to issue debt, but interesting nonetheless. Let me know when more info about Debt DAO is available!

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No need for any code right now :slight_smile:

For the cost data, we don’t have anything specific in mind but it’s a subject that we’re tracking closely, the wider subject being financial statements for on-chain activity/DAOs.

Our ‘angle’ (excuse the pun) is mainly from the pov of a credit analyst. To that extent we’re getting involved with and engaged in activities that are tracking accounting standards and financial statement presentation. It’s all at a very early stage of course.

For our doc:

We’re working on an expanded developer section for integrations and a dApp guide but they’re not quite ready yet.