Angle Contributions Program

Angle Contributions Program

Angle thrives to be an open protocol, welcoming community members contributions to improve the protocol and push it forward. In that effort, we are starting a continuous program to reward contributions to Angle.

The contributions

The goal: reward anyone contributing to Angle in a way that adds value to the protocol and its community.

This contribution can be of any kind: an integration with another DeFi protocol or service, a pull request on the doc, a thorough article on Angle, an interesting Twitter thread, a detailed diagram, a Dune dashboard, etc …

The conditions

Contributions need to be of high standards, with as little oversight from the Core team as possible.

If they meet these criterias, contributions could be rewarded with ANGLE tokens from the Grants and Partnerships allocation controlled by the Core team.

To submit your contribution, you can publish by replying to this post or reaching out on Discord in the contributions channel.


This will be a continuous program. To begin with, 1 contributor will be rewarded every 15 days with 5,000 ANGLE, under the condition that a submission bringing meaningful value to the protocol and its community have been submitted.


For example, a Medium article repeating a section of the doc almost identically would not be considered as “bringing meaningful value” to the protocol. However, a risk analysis like this one from Fiddy, or a Dune dashboard like that one from @Sebastien, would totally apply.

To make your contributions fit the current protocol’s image, please try to follow its branding guidelines and use the material in the public Angle assets repository.

We hope this will be a useful first step to start opening contributions from external contributors to the protocol.

If you want to contribute to Angle while earning ANGLE, this is your chance! If you have any questions feel free to ask here.