Angle Contributions Program

Angle Contributions Program

The program

Angle thrives to be an open protocol, welcoming community members contributions to improve the protocol and push it forward. In that effort, we are starting a continuous program to reward contributions to Angle.


The goal: reward anyone contributing to Angle in a way that adds value to the protocol and its community.

This contribution can be of any kind: an integration with another DeFi protocol or service, a pull request on the doc, a thorough article on Angle, an interesting Twitter thread, a detailed diagram, a Dune dashboard, etc …


Contributions need to be of high standards, with as little oversight from the Core team as possible.

If they meet these criterias, contributions could be rewarded with ANGLE tokens from the Grants and Partnerships allocation controlled by the Core team.

To submit your contribution, you can publish by replying to this post or reaching out on Discord in the contributions channel.


This will be a continuous program. To begin with, 1 contributor will be rewarded every 15 days with 5,000 ANGLE, under the condition that a submission bringing meaningful value to the protocol and its community have been submitted.


For example, a Medium article repeating a section of the doc almost identically would not be considered as “bringing meaningful value” to the protocol. However, a risk analysis like this one from Fiddy, or a Dune dashboard like that one from @Sebastien, would totally apply.

To make your contributions fit the current protocol’s image, please try to follow its branding guidelines and use the material in the public Angle assets repository.

We hope this will be a useful first step to start opening contributions from external contributors to the protocol.

If you want to contribute to Angle while earning ANGLE, this is your chance! If you have any questions feel free to ask here.

The winners

#1 Boka and the Angle Protocol Overview


A diagram of how Angle Protocol works

#2 @miguelgaton translation and publication of Angle articles in Spanish


He translated Angle articles in Spanish and published them on his website cafeconcriptos.

#3 Miguelgaton translations and publication of Angle articles in Spanish again!

Articles in question on this message: Angle Contributions Program - #9 by sogipec

#4 @Hitasyurek translations and publication of Angle articles in Turkish!

Details here: Angle Contributions Program - #13 by tuta

… and more in the coming weeks !


It is available now! It’s a continuous program so feel free to participate any time you want

Where can I find more info about the program?

Normally everything is here, but if there’s anything unclear please let us know here so that we can clarify for everyone!

Here the section about Angle on cafeconcriptos:

I hope you enjoy it.



Thank you for your contribution @miguelgaton, you should have received the second reward!

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Following the amazing recent contributions from @miguelgaton, we have rewarded him another time with 5000 ANGLE!

These contributions include:

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I don’t understand exactly how to start, where should we deliver the task?.

I want to prepare the Turkish version of the image in the description and write a Turkish Flood.

I published a trial translation of an article.

Angle, Polygon’da yayında!. Angle Protocol Angle is live on… | by Halil İbrahim Taşyürek | Aug, 2022 | Medium

I translated some documents into Turkish

Angle Core Module Doc : Angle Core Modülü - Google Docs
Angle Doc. Portal : Angle Dökümantasyon Portalı - Google Docs ()

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Thanks to @Hitasyurek , Angle now has the Turkish translation of three of its main documentation pages! They can be found here: 🇹🇷 Turkish - Angle Docs, and are also available on his Medium page.

This period ANGLE rewards go to him for this useful contribution for the Turkish crypto community! This is the third person receiving ANGLE rewards for a contribution after Boka and Miguelgaton.

If you are thinking about contributing to Angle in any way, go for it and share what you’re doing here or on Discord!

Thank you for your contribution @Hitasyurek :ok_hand:

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Hey Hey! I arranged crew3 integration for Angle and did the first setup of this program. Also added some tasks to boost the community.

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Thanks a lot @jjs ! I’ll send you a dm for your address to send you the 5000 ANGLE :slight_smile:

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We have noticed spontaneous contributions from ecosystem participants that are active on Twitter such as The DeFi Investor, and Dim Decrypt that allowed further education and awareness around the protocol and agEUR.

These contributions qualify under the contribution program. Corresponding rewards have been sent to these contributors.

Please feel free to disclose noticeable spontaneous contributions around Angle and agEUR on the protocol discord or to protocol contributors.


thank you so much sir.
you helped Turkish community

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Last week, @adcv received 5000 ANGLE for his ANGLE incentives dashboard.

The dashboard measures the amount and value of ANGLE distributed as incentives in general and per gauge. This is what inspired the Research around ANGLE incentives effectiveness, and might become the starting point of a shift in how ANGLE tokens are distributed !

Thanks again @adcv :handshake:

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