AIP - 91: Take ownership of the smart contracts of the USD stablecoin


This is a proposal for the DAO to take full ownership of the smart contracts behind USDA.


The USDA stablecoin of the protocol has been deployed on 11 different chains with an ownership granted to Angle Labs for us to set it all up rapidly and efficiently in test phase.
While in some chains, ownership has already been shared with the DAO, we’re posting this vote for the DAO to take the full and sole ownership of USDA smart contracts.


The proposal is for veANGLE holders to accept the ownership (through the AccessControlManager contract of the protocol) of all the smart contracts related to USDA across all the chains of the protocol.

If this proposal is successfully voted, the Angle DAO and veANGLE holders will become the official owners of the contracts related to USDA, and the ownership will be fully abandoned by Angle Labs.
Votes will take place like currently with everything behind the Timelock contract of the protocol.


For how the USDA stablecoin is setup, you may look into these proposals related to:

More generally, for how the stablecoin is designed, you may look into this blog post.


Support this proposal as the step forward to take veANGLE and ANGLE holders as the central of Angle protocols which will also help to guide the protocol towards permissionless, decentralized and open finance.

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