AIP - 88: Transmuter and Borrowing infrastructure launch setup for USDA

Thanks for the question here!

For USDA liquidity at launch here are some points:

  • The Transmuter for USDA has been integrated by 1inch, meaning 1inch will see all the USDC backing USDA, and people looking to acquire USDA through 1inch from any other token will see a quite important liquidity here. The need for secondary liquidity is therefore quite reduced
  • That being said, I’m going to post a proposal to seed a EURA/USDA liquidity pool on UniswapV3 so people can take advantage of EURA existing liquidity
  • I’m also going to post another proposal to adjust ANGLE token emissions so incentives do not necessarily go towards liquidity pools but more towards single sided lending places which will result in a lower cost of capital

As for leverage loop on collateral without affecting the peg: idea with the proposal right here is to cap the amount that can be borrowed based on the size of our Transmuter so there is no issue with the peg.

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