AIP - 85: Rebrand agEUR into EURA


The proposal is to change the symbol and name for the agEUR contract wherever it is deployed so it becomes EURA rather than agEUR.

stEUR is to keep its current symbol, just like agEUR (EURA) logo should remain the same.

Value to the protocol

There are of course pros and cons for this vote.
The significant cons here would be that we might lose people who knew about agEUR, the brand of Angle, and won’t know that EURA relates to Angle.

But this is for me far outweighed by the several considerations:

  • agEUR is hard to pronounce and I’ve seen many people mispronounce it
  • The agEUR name makes it look like a structured product to many people who are not familiar with the product and the ecosystem
  • By changing to EURA, agEUR would become akin to all major EUR and also Dollar stablecoins with a branding letter at the end of the symbol (like USDT and USDC for instance).
  • It’s also a unique occasion to change the perception and branding around Angle, towards something which is more universal than what we had with agEUR

A rebranding to enhance the recognizability of Angle Euro is also for me a key step in Angle’s commitment to streamlining and improving the usability of DeFi.


This requires upgrading the protocol agEUR contract on all the chains on which it is deployed and setting the new name.
This can be implemented through one onchain vote that will work for all chains at once, so implementation wise it should be really minimal.

This change should then be reflected on every frontend. We’ve spent time looking with integrators (aggregation solutions, oracles, …) and a change in symbol is not breaking for them.


While I like agEUR, the pros of EURA most likely overweight the cons, objectively speaking. In addition to the items mentioned by @sogipec, EURA will also be more searchable and easier to find among other EUR stablecoins.

However, as Angle’s euro remains a derivative of other products, I do think it would be both prudent and customary to display the A in lower case, as in EURa, to indicate the nature of the token.


I agree totally with this opinion. However Angle protocol should take grate care with the marketing strategy associated whis this branding change.

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I’m in favor! It is natural to rebrand and this helps elevate the legitimacy of Angle Euros which have achieved lindy as the major decentralized euro. Especially a contract change which automatically gets reflected in various useful places.

If it is possible to find a way to “point” the agEUR ticker towards EURA on key UIs this can help mitigate the cons. Perhaps even adding (" previously agEUR") to the token name (not symbol) field could help temporarily, with a future change to remove that once the new branding is set in.

I agree with this rebranding, but also think we should use a lowercase “a” at the end to make it easy to see that it is a Euro stablecoin

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Thanks for sharing.

Seeing all the points about putting the “a” in lower case (EURa).
It for sure makes it look like a decentralized stablecoin, but curious to know why this would look more like stablecoin than EURA, given that both USDC, USDT all have capital letters for instance.

I understand in the Euro stablecoin market that EURe, EUROe, EURs have lower case letters, but EURC also has a capital C.

+1 here, EURa makes it more understandable that it comes from Angle, and that the A is a different part of the acronym than EUR. Instead of “What is this “EURA” thing?” you get “Oh, I understand “EUR”, and “a” must be one of those fancy crypto letters”. Much more boomer friendly IMO.

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I’m supporting this rebranding. More easy to say, easier to understand “EUR” particule is in front of the name to at last. It’s also follow multiple euro stablecoin name structures.
Bonus point: it’s add an available ticker letter for ERC20 build on top of Angle’s euro stablecoin.

EURa is straightforward, making it easily identifiable and memorable for users, enhancing its adoption and recognition in the digital currency space.

Yes EURa is more branded, but EURA also makes it more identifiable and akin to EURC, USDC, USDT.
The trade-off for me is between:

  • how the brand is put at the front (e.g EURa is more branded than EURA)
  • mimetism with other major stablecoins (USDC, USDT, EURC)

My inclination now is towards things that would make Angle more institutional, so towards EURA.

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Don’t Overthink It Use Capital Letters

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Agree that EURA is more insitutional. The important thing is to move forward. EURA it is.