AIP - 67: Change bIB01 oracle to Chainlink

Hey everyone,

This is a proposal to change the oracle for the bIB01.


The bIB01 was recently deployed as a collateral for agEUR on mainnet. The oracle implementation used was a custom implementation maintained by Backed.

Chainlink recently deployed an IB01-USD feed (at the address: 0x32d1463EB53b73C095625719Afa544D5426354cB).


Given that Chainlink is the trusted solution used everywhere in Angle contracts to secure price feed, proposal here is to switch the IB01 oracle implementation from Backed version to Chainlink version.


This requires deploying a new oracle contract (with as a reference the new IB01 price feed).

Value to the protocol

Intent is to make the oracles used by the protocol safer, and not rely on another third party (here Backed dev team) when it comes to the oracles.


Hey sopigec,

No doubt, this AIP must be done, decentralized oracle is needed.
Thank you :slight_smile:


Vote created on Snapshot!