[Grant Proposal] : Angle Monthly Financial Reporting & Analysis

Financial Report

Simple Summary
Fund Asymmetric Defi to Produce & Analyze Monthly Financial Reports for the DAO.

The lack of financial reporting within the DAO.

Inform the community about the financial state of the DAO and the impact of governance votes, crypto trends & news on the protocol’s performance.

These reports will be the go to for the community to get informed about the DAO similar to how investors in traditional finance look into financial statements to get informed about their equity allocations.

These reports would include : Revenues, Expenses, Treasury, Market Share … and any relevant metrics.

Community members can suggest new metrics to track and they will be added if they are relevant and the data is available without major hassles.

Other Information
Asymmetric Defi is a Uniswap, Compound & ParaSwap grantee for Financial reporting & analysis. And an Aave grantee for Wallets borrowing strategies.

Previous work examples

Implementation overview
24k USD in Angle for a year engagement. 25% upfront, 25% after the production of 6 monthly reports, 50% after the production of the last 6 reports.