Framework for ANGLE liquid lockers

Framework to whitelist new ANGLE Liquid Lockers

Hello Anglers :wave:

Since Convex’s birth and the Curve wars, many liquid lockers have started to pop up around DeFi.

Stake DAO released theirs for ANGLE and FXS, and recently added CRV to it, and others are trying to profit from this opportunity. We want to propose a framework to evaluate liquid lockers design, and decide which one should be whitelisted to hold veANGLE or not.

Recommended features

This is a non-exhaustive list of features the liquid locker should have. They will be studied on a case by case basis, and always be approved independently through a Governance vote from veANGLE token holders.

The basic requirements for a locker to be built on top of Angle should be that:

  1. The protocol has been audited, and contracts implementations can verified on a Github repository.

  2. The liquid tokens are really liquid, either through an incentives progam or direct liquidity providing from the protocol.

  3. ANGLE holders depositing their tokens against liquidANGLE retain all or most of their veANGLE voting power.

  4. The locker should provide users with the opportunity to stake on Angle gauges through the locker, and benefit from its boost through its veANGLE balance.

  5. There is a well-organized meta-governance, letting users vote on proposals either through a specific dashboard or through Snapshot.

Submitting a request to be whitelisted

If you are building a liquid locker and want to be whitelisted, feel free to start by reaching out on Discord and talking about your protocol and desing in the #protocol-discussions channel.

Then, a thorough governance post is the best way to make sure everyone can be aware of all the locker details, and the governance vote goes as smoothly as possible. :handshake:

Can’t wait to see new valuable liquid lockers popping-up for ANGLE & veANGLE!

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I support this framework! Many people came to us recently and it’s becoming crucial to have a clear framework for protocols wanting to be whitelisted to own veANGLE

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Have you check this post from Delphi?

It suggest removing the whitelist for lockers for better decentralization. I agree this idea, and probably we should not set a high bar right now.

I haven’t, thanks for sharing! I’ll try to read it over the weekend.
Do you know of any twitter thread or article making a TLDR from this by any chance?

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Good initiative, I’m supportive.

Are there any lockers that you’re in conversations with that you’re particularly excited about?

I think @ruski is planning to build one with, but I don’t know about their progress yet!

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