Avalanche Integration: A Massive Opportunity

Disclaimer: i am an Avalanche investor.

I believe that this Layer 1 is at the beginning of an explosion of activity, through its introduction of subnets, a technology that will allow a strong expansion of this network. I consider it extremely important that our protocol has a strong presence in this layer 1, through the possibility of minting agEUR directly from native USDC of Avalanche, AVAX, sAVAX among others. The possibility of introducing agEUR as a form of investment in this blockchain constitutes a non-negligible opportunity for the Angle Protocol.

I agree on this! With the new minting module, it’s going to be far easier to allow native minting on other chains. People will be able to borrow agEUR against AVAX and so on: this could be huge!

Will it also be possible to mint agEUR with native Avalanche USDC with the new minting module?

I guess we should try to make this work!

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