AIP-22: Accept OP (on Optimism), wBTC (on Polygon and Arbitrum) as collateral assets of the Borrowing module


This is a proposal to add collateral assets for the borrowing module on different chains. Namely:

  • OP on Optimism
  • wBTC on Polygon
  • wBTC on Arbitrum


Angle Borrowing module has been deployed on Ethereum, Polygon, Optimism and Arbitrum. This module was designed to be able to support any collateral asset that has a Chainlink oracle and that can easily be liquidated (need liquidity in decentralized exchanges).

First instances of liquidations on Optimism showed that our bots worked efficiently and that the backstop infrastructure we have built can resist new collateral assets.

OP is a newly launched token by the Optimism Foundation on Optimism. Liquidity for the OP token has grown quite a lot since its launch. It does not provide utility at the moment and it’s not well integrated in the wide ecosystem beyond DEXes. It has a lot of trading volume, and Angle could be among the first protocols to offer a collateral-like utility to the token, and facilitate getting leverage on it.

wBTC is pretty well integrated on Polygon ($160m circulating supply) and Arbitrum ($80m circulating supply) and it’s also a collateral on other similar lending platforms like Aave.


As stated above, proposal is to add OP on Optimism, wBTC on Polygon and Arbitrum.
For the exact parameters proposed, you can check this PR of the Angle SDK.
In summary, the collateral factors suggested are:

  • OP: 0.6
  • wBTC (on Polygon and Arbitrum): 0.725


Launching a new collateral asset is straightforward and only asks to deploy an oracle and a proxy on top of a base vaultManager implementation.
There’s no extra maintenance needed to have this working, except the keeper bots monitoring the assets.

Value to the protocol

Adding these assets as a collateral increases the offerings of what you can do around Angle, namely:

  • get a cheap € leverage on OP and give additional utility to the OP token on Optimism!
  • get a cheap € leverage on wBTC on Polygon and Arbitrum


The main risks are that we cannot liquidate the unhealthy OP and wBTC positions that are opened. Miquidity for these tokens on both of these chains, as well as the parameters proposed should mitigate these risks pretty efficiently.

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