Add Stake capital whitelisting to the core module after Oracle Updates

Stake Capital Group: Who are we?

Founded in 2016, Stake Capital is a $1B+ AUM Group that is combining quantitative techniques with asset management, investment banking experience and a sophisticated understanding of cryptocurrency to identify, capture and risk manage opportunities across multiple markets.

  • DeFi Strategies : Designed to extract maximum value from protocols’ tokenomic models.

  • Smart-beta / thematics Long-only strategies : Designed to outperform traditional benchmarks by tilting the composition.

  • Yield enhancement risk premia Long-short strategies : Designed to provide a positive return profile (earned for bearing a specific risk) with a low correlation to traditional assets (ex: carry or yield enhancement solutions).

  • Tail Hedging : is an effective way to limit losses in adverse markets. It enables investors to stick with their long-term positions through a bearish market. The Stake Capital approach favors cost-effective solutions that balance protection against dominant risks in a portfolio with long-run returns.

  • Arbitrage Yield and cross DEX Arbitrage Strategies : Designed to exploit market inefficiencies and price discrepancies among different instruments (Spot, Futures, Perpetuals, Options, etc)

  • Liquidation Strategies : developed by acting as an agnostic actor, checking liquidation levels, profiting from price discounts and maintaining price stability in the DeFi lending market

  • Tailor-made Options Investment Solutions : We can provide dedicated structured products tailored to each client’s risk appetite and investment objectives (e.g DNT, Twin Win, Daily Range Accrual, Strips of Digitals, Reverse Convertible, etc…)


This proposal follows this conversation : AIP-26 - Add a whitelisting to the core module after Oracle Updates.

The goal is to capture the arbitrage opportunities created by the updates of each oracle updates.
To do this, we need to be whitelisted in order to interact with the core module within the 2 blocks after the oracle update.


A smart contract has been implemented in order to arbitrate between the agEur/USDC FX rate between the core module and the secondary market. A backend bot has also been implemented in order to optimize the amount to be borrowed trough a flashloan.

Arbitrage Smart Contract : TransparentUpgradeableProxy | Address 0xfdaca5f6cd49203d3eba2a1b0bef37b878d6f082 | Etherscan

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The more the merrier! Let’s go with it!


A no brainer. Let’s arbs :pray:t2:

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