Consider LUSD as collateral for Angle Protocol

In addition to LUSD’s resilience, Bitcoin Suisse recently established a Liquity protocol partnership. In addition to introducing a quality collateral for the agEUR, it could open the way for the establishment of future partnerships relevant to the Angle Protocol.

This is a super interesting partnership and we’re in talks with the Liquity team to see what kind of partnerships we could be making together. We’re great fans of the project, and would love agEUR to be more deeply bound to it

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Hi, great news.
Thanks for your feedback.

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Mimo is adding LUSD as collateral for PAR. When LUSD as a agEUR collateral?

We could add LUSD through the borrowing module, not sure many people would come to borrow agEUR against LUSD but…

Why not substitute the FEI gauge for LUSD?

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The protocol should invest in decentralized stablecoin backing.


Hey @pedrolopes.vng, thanks for the post. I personally like LUSD and think it would be great to add this decentralized and permissionless stablecoin to back agEUR!

Not sure how much users it would attract, but it would be a plus for the protocol imo.

From considerations to a proposition, here we go:

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